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Manual Handling Service 

Manual Handling Service

We have over ten years experience in manual handling at specialist lifting solutions.

Dedicated expertise is required to carry out manual lifting operations safely, for both the safety of our operatives and for any personnel in the work area.

From simple light weight relocations to more demanding manual lifting operations we have provided the service where no other method is possible.

We have performed manual handling operations for a variety of clients, ranging from the simple up to relocating 10,000 kg of structural glass panels for Bowmer & Kirkland on their Manchester City Park Build.

Manual handling is a task that should be undertaken very carefully for both health and safety and for the protection of your item. Successfully completing manual handling operations is a mix of communication, competence and load assessment. Not carrying these steps correctly can result in either personnel injury or damage to the object being lifted.

What Is Manual Handling?

Manual handling is the transportation of a load by hand or by bodily force, including carrying, pushing, pulling, lifting, and putting down. Research suggests that more than a third of reported injuries involve manual handling, and costs the economy millions every year.

The Legal duties and obligations for manual handling are:

  • 1. to avoid hazardous Manual Handling Operations as much as possible
  • 2. to risk assess any hazardous Manual Handling Operation that cannot be avoided
  • 3. to minimize the risk of injury as much as possible.

Lift and Shift provide risk assessments for each individual job to assess four specific areas; Task, Individual, Load and the Environment. All employees are involved in the manual handling risk assessment process and make use of all relevant manual handling guidelines.